Last updated on: 2/7/2020 | Author: Interns and Volunteers is very appreciative of the talented and hard-working senior interns, interns, and volunteers who have helped us over the years. We have listed those talented individuals below in alphabetical order by category. Some have requested anonymity for their contributions, and we have excluded their names by request. All work submitted by volunteers is vetted by in-house staff and subject to our rigorous editing procedures.

Volunteer Research Opportunities How to Volunteer or Intern at
I. Senior Interns (contributed 200+ hours in one year)
Name Issue Site(s) Worked On Year Mini Profile
1. Sahira Auget Health Care,, Euthanasia 2018 MA, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Chicago School of Professional Psychology (2019)
2. Brynn Grossman Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2015 BA, Religious Studies, University of Oregon
3. Mark Jokel US-Iraq, Prostitution,
Euthanasia, Felon Voting, Medical Marijuana, Under God
2009-2010 Research Assistant, Hollywood NOTE Foundation
MA, Political Science, California State University at Northridge
4. Vahagn Karapetyan Alternative Energy,
2012 Election, Euthanasia
2012 MPP, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
Policy and Opposition Researcher at LA City Mayoral Campaign
5. Mara Laine Obamacare, 2016 Presidential Election, Social Networking, Video Games and Violence 2015 MA, Liberal Studies, Dartmouth College
BA, Philosophy, UC Santa Cruz
6. Allison Martins ACLU 2009 Paralegal, Hudson Legal Agency
LLB, Bachelors of Law, Salgaocar College of Law – University of Goa (India)
7. Lindsey Rooney 2012 Election, Born Gay 2011-2012 MMC, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Arizona State University
BA, University of Michigan
8. Daniel Shaheen Drinking Age, Gun Control, 2018 BA, Government and Politics, Wesleyan University (2019)
9. Yiming Shao School Uniforms, Medical Marijuana, Teacher Tenure, Drinking Age 2014 MPP student, Pepperdine University
BA, University of Nottingham (Ningbo, China)
10. Caleb Worner Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2012 International Studies Student, Class of 2012, Brigham Young University – Idaho
11. Sigrid Hsiju Yang ACLU 2009 JD and LLM (Master of Laws), Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law
BS, Bachelor of Laws, Tung-Hai University (Taiwan)
II. Interns (contributed 50+ hours in one year)
Name Issue Site(s) Worked On Year Mini Profile
1. Mark Brisson Illegal Immigration,
Corporate Taxes & Jobs
2012-2014 US Coast Guard veteran
BA, Political Science, UNC Charlotte
2. Rachel Espana ACLU 2009 JD, UCLA School of Law – Entertainment and Media Law and Policy Program, class of 2009
3. Therese Franklin Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2012 Faculty Support Coordinator at UCLA School of Law
MPA candidate at University of Southern California; BA, UCLA
4. Alexa Frcek 2019-2020 8th grade student at Lincoln Middle School
Plays the piano, does rhythmic gymnastics, and enjoys watching movies
4. André Frcek 2016-2017 8th grade student at Lincoln Middle School
Plays tuba in the Honor Band and fences after school
5. Rob Freeman Business Operations 2017 World-class numismatist and philatelist
6. Duncan Hosie Death Penalty,
Under God in the Pledge
2012 Undergraduate student, Princeton University
Former Congressional Intern for Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Petaluma, CA) and Legislative Aide for Rep. Jaquet (D-Ketchum, ID)
7. Corey Kennedy Social Networking 2009 Loyola Marymount University Undergraduate, Class of 2013, Engineering Major
Certified in Cancer Biology from UCSD
8. Ross Lenihan 2012 Election 2012-2013 Researcher, UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center
MA, Cinema and Media Studies, UCLA
BA, Film Studies, UC Berkeley
9. Ian Li ACLU 2009 LLM, Masters of Laws, USC Gould School of Law
LLB, Bachelor of Laws, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies School of Law (China)
10. Yiting Ling Climate Change 2015 MPP candidate, Pepperdine University, Class of 2016
MA, Journalism, Communication University of China
11. Joan Lubin Prostitution 2009 UCLA Undergraduate, Class of 2010, Philosophy and Women’s Studies Major

12. Soe Oo

Felon Voting, Vaccines 2015 Website and database developer
BS, Cal Poly Pomona University
13. Robert Ortega 2011 International banking and finance consultant
MBA, Harvard University
BA, BS, University of Pennsylvania
14. Danielle Osborne Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Medical Marijuana, Critical Thinking 2017 BA, Economics & Government, Smith College
15. Clint Rodriguez Medical Marijuana, Corporate Taxes & Jobs 2017 BA Candidate, Communications, University of Miami
16. Erika Schroeder Golf, Medical Marijuana 2016 BA, Smith College (2017)
Founder & President, local chapter, Operation Smile
17. Heidi Sickler 2012 Election 2011 MA, Harvard University
BA, Carleton College
18. Hanna Terhaar ACLU 2009 Freelance writer in France
BA, Legal Studies, University of Wisconsin
III. Volunteers (contributed 20+ hours in one month)
Name Issue Site(s) Worked On Year Mini Profile
1. Justin Abbasi Euthanasia 2014 JD candidate, Class of 2015
Seattle University School of Law
2. Anastasia Austin Immigration 2016 Litigation and Trial Paralegal
BA, International Global Studies and Russian Studies
3. Erica Bianco ACLU 2009 CA, NY, and NJ Licensed Attorney
JD, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University
4. Kevin Coffee Felon Voting, Sports and Drugs 2011 Communication Researcher and Consultant
MA, Communication Studies, California State University at Northridge
5. Elena Colle ACLU 2009 JD, University of Modena (Italy)
MA, Communications Policy, City University, London (England)
6. Steph Domond Minimum Wage, Churches & Taxes, Drinking Age 2019 BA, University of Southern California (2019)
Teacher, USC’s Building Future Leaders Program
7. Michael D. Dulberger 2008 Election 2008 BE, MSME, MSM,
Founder & President, Informed For Life, Inc.
8. Josh Eisen Social Security 2015 MPP Student, University of Southern California Price School of Public Policy
BS in Strategic Design and Management, The New School
9. Grant Hubbard ACLU 2009 JD, Georgetown University
Attorney of 30+ years
10. Brian Jung Medical Marijuana 2013-2014 BS, Chemistry, University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC)
Former Research Assistant, UCSC
11.Lawrence M. Kohn 2018 President, Kohn Communications
Business Development Coach and developer of BizDevCoach
12. Angela Koussian Prostitution 2012 MPP student, Pepperdine University
BA, Chapman University
13. Keith Lea 2008 Election 2008 BS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Software engineer and programmer
14. Spencer Levitt Golf, Prostitution 2016 Tournament Coordinator for Chaminade Speech & Debate Society, Special Olympics Volunteer
15. Christopher Lippi ACLU 2009 Math Instructor, Vistamar School
MA, Mathematics, San Francisco State University
16. Johnny Lo ACLU 2009 VA and MD Licensed Attorney
JD, Washington & Lee University School of Law
17. Jamie Lowry ACLU 2009 CA and NV Licensed Attorney
JD, University of Michigan Law School
18. Melanie McClinnis ACLU 2009 CA Licensed Attorney
JD, McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific
19. Dillon McGrew ACLU 2009 Law Student, Class of 2011, Georgetown University Law Center
20. Morgan Metcalf Prostitution 2013 Former intern for US Senator Harry Reid (D-NV)
BA, Brigham Young University
21. Pavan Nagavelli ACLU 2009 New Applications Specialist, Oliff & Berridge, PLLC
BA, Political Science, Allegheny College

22. Robyn Nolan

ACLU 2009 FL, DC, and MD Licensed Attorney
JD, Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center
23. Lindsey Phoenix ACLU 2009 Law Student, Class of 2010, Saint Louis University School of Law
24. Kim Ray ACLU 2009 CA Licensed Attorney and Paralegal of 17+ years
25. Tracey Resetar ACLU 2009 Adjunct Instructor, Paralegal Studies, State University of New York
LLM, Masters of Laws, Osgoode Hall – York University (Canada)
26. Jonathan Saine ACLU 2009 FL and CO Licensed Attorney
JD, Syracuse University College of Law
27. Kharaam Sharifpour Gay Marriage, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2015 Masters of Intl. Public Policy and Management, USC Price School
Masters of Natural Disaster Management, University of Tehran
28. Nicholas Singh Medical Marijuana 2012 Chemistry and Chemical Engineering student, Arizona State University
Former Coordinator for Project CURE
29. Zack Spratling Alternative Energy, Corporate Taxes & Jobs 2016-2017 Management Consultant
MA, Accounting, Georgia State University
BS, Industrial Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
30. April Wong PRO/CON @ The Pier 2018 Commercial and editorial photographer; Founder,
Former marketing manager
31. Kate Wraith Illegal Immigration, Medical Marijuana 2015 LLM, Lancaster University
Research Associate, Omega Research Foundation
32. Gulcin Yilmazer ACLU 2009 MA, Project Management, Keller-Graduate School of Management
MS, Food Science, Rutgers University

IV. Volunteer Research Opportunities seeks volunteers to help with research, events, and special projects that advance the mission. Volunteers work directly and primarily on impactful projects with a minimal amount of mundane stuff that we are all unfortunately saddled with. Volunteers get a terrific experience, relationships with our staff and our network, our deepest gratitude, and recognition on the above list of volunteers and interns (unless you prefer anonymity).

Some of the projects for which we specifically need talented volunteers include:

  • Researching new and improved quotes from authoritative experts to use in the quotes sections of our 70+ topics
  • Updating existing arguments and building new arguments with support from studies, experts, and authoritative sources
  • Updating existing research projects with latest data, normally from government sources such as CDC, WHO, FBI, etc.
  • Using graphic design and marketing know how to develop promotional materials for website, social media, print, and event displays
  • Coding/programming using WordPress, PHP, MySQL, HTML, and Java to make website improvements
  • Proofreading existing content to find and fix grammar, spelling, links, layout, and other problems
  • Fundraising – that includes grant writing, creating peer-to-peer campaigns, and working our CRM software
  • Something in your area of expertise that you think we need

V. How to Volunteer or Intern at
If you are interested in volunteering or interning at, please send an email to titled “Re: Volunteering” and include:

  1. your resume,
  1. your cover letter explaining
a. the number of hours per week you can work,
b. which project(s) of the ones listed above that you’d like to work on,
c. an explanation of your relevant experience and interest, and
d. any questions you have for us.

  1. One clear, authoritative, and current pro quote and one clear, authoritative, and current con quote in response to the question “Should the US Use Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) to Extract Natural Gas?” It is OK to edit quotes using ellipses. Quotes should not already appear on the Alternative Energy website. Source links or PDFs should accompany your research.

Our volunteers and interns work offsite, usually from their homes. To be credited as a volunteer, you’ll need to complete at least 20 hours of volunteer work in one month (not to exceed 8 hours in a day and 80 hours in a month) and submit weekly progress emails (number of hours worked that week, that month, and total to date, plus a 1-2 sentence summary of what you worked on).

After 50 hours of volunteer work, your title would be changed to Intern.

If you surpass 250 hours of volunteer work, then we’d change your title to Senior Intern. Internships cannot exceed 500 hours. Assignments and acceleration within the internship program are based on your interests, available projects, and quality of work submitted.

Failure to submit progress emails for two consecutive weeks will normally result in automatic termination of the volunteership and related recognition. Volunteerships and internships may also be terminated at’s discretion for poor quality of work and other reasonable reasons.